Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Campanha Internacional: ‘Defender a vida do Presidente Gonzalo e o Pensamento Gonzalo!’

BRASIL: Comunicado del Partido Comunista do Brasil (Fraçâo Vermelha) en defensa del Pte. Gonzalo.

¡Proletarios de todos los países, uníos!
Campana internacional por la Defensa de la Vida y Salud del Presidente Gonzalo
Ante los gravísimos  hechos públicos a fines de febrero acerca de la salud y la vida del Presidente Gonzalo, el mas grande Marxista-Leninista-Maoísta viviente sobre la faz de la tierra  y atendiendo al llamado emito por el PCP  convocamos al Movimiento Comunista Internacional, así como a todas las organizaciones revolucionarias, democráticas, y a las masas populares de todo el mundo a darle un mayor impulso a Campaña Internacional en Defensa de la Vida y Salud del Presidente Gonzalo, promoviendo actos públicos ante representaciones diplomáticas y comerciales del viejo Estado Peruano, en las calles con y pronunciamientos publicos, pintas, pancartas, bajo la consigna “Defender la vida y salud del Presidente Gonzalo y el Pensamiento Gonzalo!”, coordinadamente en todos los continentes culminando esta parte el 23 de marzo de 2017, como día internacional de acción.
Partido Comunista do Brasil (Fração Vermelha) – PCB (FV)
Marzo de 2017
Maoist Road joins the Campaign

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

France: Face aux violences policières, autodéfense populaire!

Nous publions ici le tract diffusé par le Parti Communiste maoïste à l’occasion de la Marche pour la Justice et la Dignité. Nous mettons aussi ci-dessous une traduction du communiqué de solidarité de l’association Nagkakaisang Pilipino Sa Pransya (Philippins Unis en France) et Migrante Europe. (Photos de la manifestation à la fin de l’article)

Face aux violences policières, autodéfense populaire !
L’actualité récente a rajouté son lot d’épreuves à affronter dans notre quotidien : Etat d’Urgence, racisme institutionnel au plus haut, attaques contre les conquêtes ouvrières, fascistes en tous genres en pleine confiance, flics déchaînés dans nos quartiers et dans nos luttes contre nous et nos frères et sœurs de classe,…

A week after Sukma encounter, Maoists release photographs of modern weapons Possessed from CRPF

A week after the Sukma encounter, which killed 12 personnel of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), the maoist party released a press statement carrying an image of assembled modern weapons they Possessed from the dead CRPF personnel.
The picture along with the statement released by the South Bastar Divisional Committee of CPI (Maoist) showed four AK-47 assault rifles, six INSAS rifles, One Light Machine Gun (LMG), one Under Barrel Grenade Launcher (UBGL) two wireless sets and over 1130 bullet cartridges taken away by the rebels.
The Maoists praised their cadres of Peopleʹs liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) — the armed wing of the banned organisation– that ʹcarried outʹ the attack on a road opening party, killing twelve CRPF jawans in Sukma on March 11.
Meanwhile, the Bastar police dubbed the Maoist press note as ʹnothing more than propagandaʹ.
The statement by the Red brigade also carries allegations of security forcesʹ inflicting atrocities on local tribal villagers in Bastar, south Chhattisgarh.
This is the third major encounter this month in the restive Bastar zone. On Thursday, two members of CPI (Maoist) were killed in Narayanpur and on March 11 the armed maoists ambushed a road opening party (ROP) killing twelve CRPF jawans in Sukma.
The maoists have presence in at least 16 of the 27 districts of the State but are most active in south Chhattisgarhʹs Bastar region.
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Demanding Justice For Workers of Maruti Suzuki Convicted to Life Imprisonment

The sessions court in Gurgaon on 18 March, 2017 sentenced 13 workers of Maruti Suzuki to life imprisonment for murder. Twelve of these are the erswhtile leaders of the Maruti Suzuki Workers’ Union. Eighteen others were sentenced from three to five years for rioting and causing grievous injury. Cases against these workers were filed in July 2012 after violence in company’s Manesar plant during which one official unfortunately lost his life. On company’s complaint police arrested 148 workers and charged them with conspiracy and killing the company official.
The court ruling after a four-and-a-half year trial is based on flimsy evidence. The prosecution failed to establish even circumstantial evidence to show that any of those convicted caused the violence that took place, leave alone the death. The ruling also goes against the forensic evidence and post-mortem report that was placed before the court. Critically, officers of the company, who were produced before the court as prosecution witnesses denied they were present at the time of the incident. Some of them even admitted that they were acting under Maruti-Suzuki management direction.

Saibaba’s health condition is highly deteriorated

Today 17/3/17 I met my brother Dr. G. N. Saibaba at Nagpur Central jail after the undemocratic judgement pronunced by the Gadchiroli sessions court. I waited nearly 4 hrs after applying for the mulakat to meet saibaba. The jail authorities has given mulakat almost at the end of the day around 5.45pm.
The jaali mulakat last just in 20 min with two time warnings in between. The new jaali mulakat system is completely undemocratic and inhumane as the window is completely sealed with glass and​ to talk only over telephones on their side of the glass window. When we talk we can’t​ even see the face properly; when face is to be observed we can’t talk. With great difficulty we could able to share few things.
Dr. Saibaba looked very weak. He was unable​ to take Jail food. Jail authorities are not providing required diet to him. He is vomiting if any jail food is consumed. He got two times unbearable​ pancreatic pain in the jail. He is suffering from pancreas infection and admitted into hospital just before the verdict. So far no medical treatment has been given to him.Even the basic facilities which were earlier provided are now not did not accept to give medicines​,bedsheets, fruits etc.his health condition is highly deteriorated. He needs immediate medical treatment.I was not permitted to meet senior jailer to discuss health issues of Dr. G N. Saibaba. Even Hem Mishra’s health is not in good condition.

——G. Ramdevudu

Monday, March 20, 2017

From Greece: Freedom and Justice for GN Saibaba!

The judgement of the District and Sessions Court in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra, on March 7, 2017, which sentenced the Delhi University professor and four other activists to life imprisonment, is an unprecedented provocation for any defender of human and democratic rights anywhere. GN Saibaba, wheelchair bound for life, was judged as one of the greatest dangers for Indiaʹs security! He is shoved in jail to die there as he is severely ill. The accusation and sentencing was based on ridiculous evidence under the provisions of the draconian Unlawful Activities Prevention Act which criminalizes the ideas and thoughts of militants.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Academics’ and professionals’ appeal against the life imprisonment of Prof. G N Saibaba.

It is with utter disbelief and deepest concern that we learn of Prof. G. N. Saibaba, a highly respected intellectual and Asst. Professor in the Dept. of English at Ram Lal Anand College, part of a Delhi University, has been sentenced to life imprisonment under various sections of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). Prof. Saibaba is wheelchair-bound, 90% disabled with severe and fragile health conditions that warrant constant and now urgent medical attention. 
Saibaba, along with five others - a student, a journalist-activist and three young adivasi villagers have been accused of a criminal conspiracy to ‘wage war against the Government of India’ and of ‘links with a Maoist organisation.’
We register our strongest condemnation of the sentence and demand immediate release of Prof. Saibaba and all others accused, and that the concerned authorities conduct a thorough, fair and transparent investigation into the framing of this case.
For many years Saibaba has been outspoken regarding atrocities against the adivasis and for the welfare and rights of tribal and marginalised populations.
We are both appalled and shocked to learn of the circumstances under which a distinguished intellectual and true humanitarian has been framed in a case based entirely on un-convincing evidence stacked up against him in order to serve the draconian charge of Sedition and to suppress the democratic voice of students and academics. Saibaba’s treatment is clearing being used by the State as a message to other academics & intellectuals to silence any voice of dissent.
Without following any legal procedure Prof. Saibaba was abducted whilst en-route home from college on May 9th 2014 by plain-clothed policemen who stopped his car, dragged out the driver and drove Saibaba out of the university campus. It was only the following morning that notice was given of his arrest. Saibaba was then flown from Delhi to Nagpur where the District Magistrate heard his case and ordered him to be sent to prison. What followed were two harrowing years incarcerated in Nagpur Central Jail after being denied bail, medical care, necessary assistance and an adequate diet. During this time Saibaba’s health rapidly deteriorated.
It was only in April 2016 Prof. Saibaba was granted un-conditional bail by the Supreme Court. Saibaba then under-  went treatment for cardiac problems, stones in the gall bladder, pancreatitis, high blood pressure and physiotherapy for various orthopaedic problems that developed in the back and shoulder regions whilst he was in prison. He was not released from hospital until 28 February 2017.
During this time Prof. Saibaba was also dealing with severe pressure from his college administration who had violated the university system by freezing his salary and rejecting his re-instatement to work during the bail period.
Prof. Saibaba was due to undergo surgery within the following month. Instead he received orders to travel 300 miles to Gadchiroli Sessions Court on 6 March to attend the reading of the final order of his case. Saibaba was given to believe he would only need to present himself in court for two hours and therefore assumed he had been acquitted. To the contrary:  Saibaba was detained in custody immediately on arrival at court, treated as guilty even before the order was read and consequently the shocking sentence of life imprisonment was then delivered.
Given his orthopaedic condition and other serious ailments, Prof. Saibaba’s lawyer requested that an additional order be passed to provide Saibaba with assistants to at least enable him to move and perform daily functions. He also appealed for an order to safeguard Saibaba’s health, ensure his basic necessities and provide vital medical treatment whilst in jail. However, the judge point blank refused all requests.

Herein lies Indian democracy!

To the authorities in India that boast democratic rights to all Indians
We the undersigned academics and professionals urge:
  • The immediate release of Prof. G N Saibaba and the five others convicted under the UAPA.
  • To safeguard the health of Prof. G N Saibaba.
  • To fully investigate the framing of the case in which the above five have been convicted.
  • To repeal the draconian UAPA under which thousands of people (the majority of whom have not received bail nor can afford to pay for a defence lawyer) are left languishing for years on end in Indian prisons.